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Children, Family & Relationships/Divorce, Fiction, Lesbian

Author : Laura Fry
Format : Print
Other Formats : Kindle
Pages : 24
Price:  $16.99 ($3.99 Kindle)
ISBN-10 : 1546200541
Publication Date : Aug2017
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Mama’s New Friend

A children’s book for LGBTQ families

I wrote this book for my daughter out of necessity after my separation. I wanted her to know that it was ok to love both my ex and I,and that it was ok for her to express whatever feelings she may have towards any “new friend” I mightintroduce. I soon realized that there are MANY divorced families and there are MANY children that are meeting new partners every day.

Mama’s New Friendshows the positive side of parents forming new relationships. It also reassures children of the loving bond between them and their same-sex parents.



“Love the book! Great parent/family resource.”

— Jennifer Sanchez

“Mama’s New Friend helps to explain to kids that they are still special, still loved, and it is ok to like the new person that has joined the family. I wish I had something like this in my early years of being a step-dad.”

— Devin Rankin


About the Author

Laura Fry is an engineer, an investor and an inventor. This is her first children’s book. She lives with her daughter in Phoenix, Arizona.